IFTC has been a forefront in fashion education for the past 39 years, leading the Malaysian industry by producing thousands of very succ- successful A-list designers and creative entrepreneurs that have acclaimed esseslocally and internationally. Our highly famed talents have upstaged a strong branding statement in the fashionscene which led to theirrecogn- ition for various fashion awards for their outstandingachievements. Some of our fine graduates includes :



Julian Goh

I had a passion for fashion since at a very young age, and have visions to build it as a career, with the hopes of becoming a famous and well-known designer. I surveyed a several fashion schools in Kuala Lumpur and finally enrolled in IFTC.

IFTC is different from other schools as it emphasizes on the traditions of French couture system and instill training of core skills to help us grow as a good designer. Besides that, it is well facilitated with the latest state-of-art equipment and machines that enables us to keep abreast with the industry developments. IFTC also provides a good learning environment for us to be focused on our studies. After 3 months studying at IFTC, I participated in two major fashion events, MASIF & MIFA featuring my own designs which was truly an amazing feeling as I could see my results within a short time.

After almost towards the end or my first year studies, from my personal view I think IFTC is the best fashion school in Malaysia especially for one who really seriously wants to make fashion as a career. They not only train us with very strong knowledge and skills guided by industry experts, but also opens our minds to see our future prospects in fashion and brings us closer to the industry by regular fashion shows and activities al prestigious events. IFTC has been a true motivation, pushing me to do even better and makes me excited as I am closer towards achieving my dreams.


Michelle Wong Mei Tze

I made a visit to IFTC after reading about their impressive fashion education profile over the internet. I was even more fascinated when I personally made a visit to see the college, and saw for myself creative ideas and finished garments of students, made me enroll for the course. Since there, my learning journey in fashion has been a very fruitful and showed promising progress in a very short period. In IFTC, we are taught to know the complete understanding of each step of every fashion topic. We are guided to develop our creative perspective and improvising our ideas to suit different fashion direction, construction up to marketing and also promotion to showcase our creations as actual finish garments.

Our course programme also involves knowing fashion elements that relates to designing such as fabric knowledge, color theory and fashion computer. Every moment of study at IFTC, we learn something new and useful to develop our potential in fashion skills development.

I am very satisfied at IFTC as it has a very healthy learning environment and ambience. Our lecturers and instructors are very experienced, dedicated to help us through our learning process from basic to advanced skills and knowledge. Besides that, IFTC has given me a most intense experience by giving us many good opportunities to express and present our fashion inspirations to the public by regular show cases at fashion events.


Nurliza Bt. Dato Azulkarnain

Inspired by Annie Wong, as the Asian Valentino for her works in fashion as well as having mentored so many fashion designers as seen through many media articles, l browsed the internet and found IFTC. Early 2009 marked the beginning of my journey in fashion which I have progressed to produce results which was beyond my expectation in just a very short period of time through IFTC’s teaching system.

In less than a year into my course, I had participated in 3 fashion show cases which includes the glamorous recent BDA/MIFA International Fashion Week that I have received much media exposure as well as complements on my design & its fine quality and perfect finishing. Besides that, I had a golden opportunity to be featured on a TV fashion program. My most sincere gratitude goes to my lecturers who are devoted in their guidance and staying back even after their working time to help me achieve this end results.

IFTC trains us not only to be a good designer but also leads us with a direction towards building career to be a successful fashion entrepreneur which is my plan to start my couture designer label at the end of my course.


Wennie Wu Jin

Formerly, I was studying at another fashion college where I wasted 1½ years doing my foundation year. Introduced by a friend, I transferred to IFTC in end October 2008. In the last year of my course, I participated in 4 fashion shows. I recalled showcasing 2 pieces or evening wear designs at the spring fashion week. Seeing models parade my designs, reflected the productive results I achieved in a short period of time. I was also featured in a RTM Hari Raya program which I was so excited to be part of it.

These accomplishments would not have been possible without my principals’ motivation, guidance & IFTC’s lecturers who assist us in our design, step by step, all the way. I truly have benefited enormously from undergoing IFTC’s fashion program. We are also taught how to create our website, which features my profile & journey in fashion at IFTC.

Recently, I was proud to be selected as TOP 5 graduation students of IFTC, presenting my couture design at the BDA/MIFA fashion week at Pavilion in November 2009 & the YODA fashion show gala. IFTC always find best opportunities to promote us young designers to the industry. Learning at IFTC, has made my vision, dreams in fashion a true reality