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Professional Fashion Design - Teaching System

IFTC with more 35 years experience in fashion education has set a bench mark and unparalleled standards in providing effective, unique, most advanced and comprehensive fashion programs. This value is added to a teaching method based on the distinctive French techniques, which is time tested and proven to train the highest merits of fashion skills and knowledge of international standards. The entire curriculum is designed to cater for individual needs and provide every student with the finest quality & effective fashion education program that covers all core essential areas of fashion. The curriculum is directed at quick and immediate application of skills and knowledge for the global fashion industry.

Our team of experienced lectures fashion experts are through theory and practical hands on training to the all around development of each student. We are determined to make the training experience financially rewarding and artistically satisfying.

Dedication and devotion in spreading the FASHION ARTS are the main enduring elements of our fashion program and teaching staff “ADAPTABILITY” is the core ability gained. When you turn to IFTC for fashion education, we do more then just provide you with the basic or put design together. We structure and induce expressive learning and make students cultivate creativity and inspiration, while utilizing the right skills to realize their creations with cutting perfection and finest qualities blended with industry exposure in our curriculum. It is a culmination that teaches our student to build on partnership, psychology in anticipating needs and the right chemistry of all fashion and real world business applications that form the heart of a successful fashion education.

IFTC International Academy Fashion and Design
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