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From The Principal

Professional Fashion Design - From the Principal

Dear Friends,

I am proud to be writing this address in IFTC’s website to express my pride and sense of success in seeing IFTC’s achievements today. Many years of hard work, dedication and perseverance have gown into building our fashion programmes and teaching standards into what they are. There is no doubt many more years and dedication will go into the constant evolution and tuning of our course materials to suit the needs of the ever changing fashion industry.

IFTC as a leader in fashion education has been internationally linked with Paris since 1991 with our sister and partner school, the Paris American Academy (PAA). Our vision for the coming years will be to move forward by bringing the best of the French teaching techniques in our programmes through exchange programmes as well as inviting fashion experts from London, Paris, New York and Australia to share their experiences which we have done since 2009 It is our vision to strive and build an international reputation for IFTC through our curriculum and activities.

IFTC programmes do not require a foundation year prior to admission and all our students access the main fashion programmes immediately. Our unique, time-tested curriculum incorporates a global adaptive technique based on French standards and this is conducted by our team of professionals through smaller class numbers with individual attention. This allows our students to adapt to learning fashion at their own pace. Our programmes provide all-round development in every aspect of fashion covering creativity, hands-on-skills, business acumen, communication & PR skills coupled with the latest fashion IT software for designing as well as digital marketing.

Thousands of students have gone through our programmes over the years and the testimonials and acknowledgements from past graduates as well as parents, partners and employers have compounded our belief and drive to keep on improving to go forward. The majority of our graduates have gone on to find success in the fashion industry and many have grown and develop successful businesses as fashion creators and trend setters.

Today IFTC is proud to be the hallmark of numerous successful fashion industry stories and our course content drives the entrepreneurial spirit coupled with cultivating the passion for creativity. This is our dedication and commitment by me and my team at IFTC to all students who come through our doors. Our passion and endless devotion in spreading the knowledge and skills to build a strong base of individuals to fuel the growth in the fashion industry is endless and we aim to open the eyes of the new generations to come to the opportunities that exist in the world of fashion.

Words and pictures can only express to a certain degree our passion for fashion. We invite you to visit our premise and experience IFTC for yourself. I look forward to meeting you and answering any queries you may have soon.

Thank You

Professional Fashion Design - Principal Signature

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