Our Commitment

Our Commitment

Every student that goes through the IFTC experience will takeaway valuable skills that are necessary to enter into a career in fashion and creative lifestyle design. Although we conduct our classes in structured programmes and modules, we also provide tutorial sessions where our lecturers will provide individual attention to each student and guide them through many of the practical exercises and projects during their time with us.

We strive to offer the very best value in a fashion education programme and it is our goal to ensure every student will graduate with confidence and successfully develop to find their own path in this ever growing and increasingly exciting industry called fashion.

Dedication and devotion in spreading the fashion arts are the main enduring elements of our fashion program and teaching staff while adaptability through mastering fashion skills is the core ability gained. When you turn to IFTC for fashion education, we do more than just provide you with the basics or just design and sew. We structure and induce expressive learning and make students cultivate creativity and inspiration.

Students are also taught to utilize the right skills to realize their creations with cutting perfection and finest qualities blended with industry exposure through our curriculum. It is a culmination that teaches our student to build on partnership, psychology in anticipating needs and the right chemistry of all fashion and real world business applications that form the heart of a successful fashion education.