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With great expertise in fashion education and excelling to have a reputed BRANDED fashion curriculum that is in INTERNATIONAL & GREAT market demand, IFTC constantly changes its teaching program and adding modules, updating with the newest ideas or technologies to meet the current fashion world in areas of : - Design & Illustration – Pattern Making & Sewing – French Couture & Draping – Fashion Product Design – Fashion -IT Design & Technology – Fashion Marketing & Business – Fashion Image & Branding – Fashion Styling & Creative Direction – Fashion Promotions & Presentations – Fashion Media & P.R.

IFTC also invites fashion experts from Paris, London, New York & Australia to share their ideas and knowlegde to students of IFTC. Besides that, we offers degree programs for students to DIRECT entry to the final (ONE) year to pursue their degree in fine arts at Paris American Academy, Paris and other world fashion capitals.

These factors attributes to us "being DIFFERENT from other colleges" has enable 85% of our graduates to be successful ENTREPRENEURS and sustain their businesses at prime commercial fashion districts locally and abroad.

IFTC International Academy Fashion and Design
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