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Courses and Programmes Offered

  • 2 Year Professional Diploma Courses

This is our most popular course and caters to the needs of most of our students right from the novice up intermediate levels. This course offers the combined and complete IFTC syllabus in fashion design, pattern drafting, cutting, sewing and covers all the fundamental skills and techniques you require to set you on the right track. Incorporating other modules such as merchandising, fashion business management, fashion terminology, communications & P.R., fashion marketing, fashion styling & creative direction, computer design in fashion graphics, product design, create a website design, online advertising and a host of other subjects, the complete 2 years fashion programme is your gateway to a successful career in fashion.

  • Advanced Courses for experienced Designers

As the course specifies, this programme builds on the basic skills acquired by students. Weaknesses are identified and reinforced while advanced techniques in designing and cutting are introduced. This course is suitable for the needs of individuals who want to grasp more advanced techniques and learn valuable time saving and cost saving techniques to apply to their work those who prior experience or degree holders in other field who would like a 2nd career option.

  • 1-3 month Short Courses

A host of short courses are offered and serves as a good foundation and introduction to fashion designing. This will include many basic skills and is ideal for individuals interested in pursuing fashion as a past time or as a foundation for better things to come.

  • IFTC-PAA Degree Programme one Year in Paris

This is the epitome and the recognition in the IFTC qualification. With our exclusive link to our sister school. The Paris American Academy, IFTC offers a associate programme that allows students to pursue and obtain an associate degree programme in Paris in one year. Because of our distinctive curriculum and high teaching standards, PAA accepts IFTC credit as part of their degree programme for the BA in Fine Arts (fashion). This arrangement is exclusive for IFTC graduates only.

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