A Career In Fashion

A Career In Fashion







There are many diversifications and career opportunities that lie within the fashion industry serving both the output or manufacturing side as well as the retail consumption market. The fashion chain has evolved into a mash-up of many business models from the traditional high-end haute couture market to mainstream ready to wear pret-a-porter collections that roll off on to the retail floor every second around the world. There is demand and a place in this evolving and growing market for a trained fashion designer.

The list of occupations below are just a sample of the opportunities available in this market:

  • Fashion designer
  • Professional cutter
  • Professional pattern maker
  • Fashion merchandiser
  • Fashion buyer
  • Image consultant
  • Fashion consultant
  • Fashion journalist
  • Fashion editor
  • Fashion marketing
  • Fashion retailer
  • Manufacturing operations
  • Textile designer
  • Household and lifestyle fashion industry vocations
  • Fashion accessories industry vocations

The list is actually endless as many creative and entrepreneurial graduates have gone on to create sub-genre of work categories and vocations such as online fashion commentators, lifestyle, stylists, fashion bloggers, fashion concierge and many other roles where customers and followers engage the services of such individuals because of their talent in spotting trends and helping their clients look good. In fact, fashion goes way beyond clothing and is now an integral part of our homes, cars, offices and even the many basic things that we use each day in terms of design and creativity.